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KOREA DEFENSE INDUSTRY ASSOCIATION, established in 1976 has been playing a role for development, cooperation, and harmonization of the

defense industries by strengthening its competitiveness, facilitating export, participating in researches, and supporting common interests.

In rapidly changing global environment, KOREA DEFENSE INDUSTRY ASSOCIATION now greets an era of newer challenge and growth.

With the goal of becoming global leading defense industry, KOREA DEFENSE INDUSTRY ASSOCIATION is jumping up to be a global organization of

defense industries by securing global competitiveness for member companies and diversifying support for businesses.

KOREA DEFENSE INDUSTRY ASSOCIATION's official English web site(www.kdia.or.kr/eng) provides easy and open access to information on Korean

defense firms as well as detailed news on Korea defense Industries.

KDIA web site also offers users latest edition of 'Korea Defense Products Guide' e-book and PR video in 4 different languages(English, Arabic, Spanish

, French), and provides 'cyber exhibition' service that users can see the Korean defense products in online as if they are actually visiting the Korean pavilion.

Moreover, 'K-offset', the offset web site in order to connect Korean firms with global defense companies, is able to be accessed through KDIA web site.




Korea Defense Products Guide

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